Young Women’s Auxiliary

  Nevertheless I will remember my covenant with thee in the days of they youth, and I will establish unto thee en everlasting covenant. – Ezekiel 16:60 KJV


The YWA is now a part of
The Women’s Ministry

The Young Women Auxiliary (YWA) is an organization of young women for mission study, personal evangelism and mission action.. Our purpose is to provide spiritual guidance for the young ladies of our congregation.  We work to involve young women in “God’s redemptive work in today’s world.”  YWA is a fellowship designed to help young women TO BE: “God’s redeemed ones, and TO DO: work to bring others into the fellowship of the redeemed.  The YWA is an organization whose purpose is to more fully and effectively involve young women in the work of the church.  We work under the leadership of the Women’s Missionary Ministry to help bring young women to Christ.